About Us

33794-pain-management-specialistsWelcome to Pain Management Specialists of North Florida, PA, leading private pain clinics in St. Johns and Putnam County providing relief and assistance to Florida residents suffering from chronic pain.  Our clinic was established in 1990 to meet the growing demand of patients suffering from chronic, acute and cancer pain disorders.

Patients in pain suffer from long-term health problems affecting all areas of an individual’s life.  At Pain Management Specialists of North Florida, PA, we understand how a person’s life can be impacted by persistent pain and how it affects their physical, emotional, social and vocational life.

Our interventional pain specialist is dedicated to finding answers for chronic pain through, diagnosis and treatment using the latest therapies and technologies.  He treats each case with an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan based on the patient’s medical history, life circumstances and specific needs.

Our Goal and Vision Statement for Patient Service  

We are dedicated to relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way.  Patients have depended upon us for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of acute, chronic and cancer pain disorders since 1990.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide an environment of respect, compassion, and patient satisfaction.  Our ultimate goal is to relieve pain, increase productivity and improve quality of life by using the most technologically advanced and minimally invasive pain treatments available in a pleasant and caring environment.

To achieve such quality care and to ensure functional outcomes, the personnel are committed to working and communicating together as a treatment team dedicated to meeting the patient’s pain management needs.

The personnel strive to maintain optimal standards of professional practice and exercise professional judgment in the delivery of quality service to each individual served.  The personnel adhere to and support the mission, purpose, philosophy, and adopt the Code of Ethics of each profession providing service.