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Degenerative disc disease turned Theresa Carter’s life to a nightmare of pain, pain medications, and inability to do routine tasks. Her husband says that Raul A. Monzon, M.D., medical director of Pain Management Specialists of North Florida, PA, and President of the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine, truly gave them their family back.

An anesthesiologist specializing in pain relief, Dr. Monzon is a pioneer in interventional pain management. He and his specially trained staff offer cutting edge treatment for pain that can reduce the inflammation of painful nerves, spinal discs, joints or muscles by combining both medication and physical modalities with x-ray guided injections. Non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures treat pain precisely at its origin.

Dr. Monzon performed neurostimulation on Theresa. It’s a method of pain control that delivers mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord, interrupting or masking the pain signals’ transmission to the brain.

“Dr. Monzon does not believe in masking or hiding pain,” says Theresa. “He wants to locate the pain and treat its cause.” Dr. Monzon used the spinal cord stimulator with wonderful results for Theresa.

“My goal was to get 50 percent out of pain,” says Theresa, “But I am nearly 100 percent out of pain.”

She says Dr. Monzon’s staff are always genuinely concerned and take time with details,” she says. “I can’t praise them enough!”

Now after three years of chronic pain and pain medication, Theresa enjoys life again – walking, fishing and shopping with her mother. “I can go to the grocery store without crying from the pain. It’s fantastic!”